Soap Nozzles



The chemical injector tip, also known as the soap nozzle, is the pressure washer nozzle that is used when applying any form of chemical onto the surface that runs through your washer. This nozzle has a slightly larger orifice than normal washer tips, which decreases the pressure in the pump. This decrease in pressure allows for the chemical injector to kick in, drawing the cleaning solution into the pump from the container.

When your pressure washer is operating under low psi it is able to draw cleaning solutions from the chemical container. It is important to use the soap nozzle when applying soap or cleaning solutions.
Note: Do not use a regular spray nozzle (red, yellow, green or white) when applying soap or cleaning solutions.

When using chemicals inside your washer, remember to use only those cleaners that are developed through pressure washer manufacturers. One common mistake has been the increased use of bleach as a pressure washer detergent. Doing this will cause internal damage to the pump, and will result in hefty repair bills.

Some guidelines for pressure washing farming equipment:
1. Carry out the pressure washing procedure in an unpaved area, such as gravel or grass and at least 100 feet away from any wellhead.
2. Check the fuel and oil levels and start the equipment.
3. Spray the whole equipment first. Most jobs are best started from bottom to top when you are using cleaning chemicals, then rinse from top to bottom.
4. Adjust the water pressure when you need an extra kick of force to remove heavier build up. The best results are achieved spraying with a wide spray angle attachment.
5. Rinse with plenty of water to flush away the dirt and any residue or debris.

Farming applications include pressure washing animal enclosures and equipment. The equipment can range from combines to tractors, cultivators, grain carts and seeders. Choose the right kind of pressure washer according to the type of cleaning job you need to get done and the size of your agriculture establishment.

If you buy a cheaper residential model or some of the low quality industrial pressure washers, unfortunately you will end up adding an item to your scrap pile. You will spend even more money buying a new one than if you had purchased the proper equipment in the first place.

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