Agricultural Opportunities For Power Washing

Pressure washing on the farm.


Pressure washers are ideal for cleaning most types of farm equipment, barns, wheel tractors, sprayers, seeders, reapers, trucks, plows, compactors, hay equipment, grain drying and milk drawing equipment.

Serving the agricultural sector is needed 12 months each year cheap water trampoline and understanding the requirements of farmers is essential to serving their needs. Washing a tractor, for instance, is about more than just cleaning the piece of machinery. In California, farmers have a responsibility for contaminated soil so they must have a reliable way to collect wastewater and treat it. Farmers involved in cattle ranching, dairy goods, poultry farming, sheep rearing for wool, leather, and meat need to take extensive care to ensure proper animal hygiene. Pressure washers can be used to clean dirt, stains, and more from animal living quarters.

Many vehicles are now used in farming apart from tractors. Trucks, airplanes, and helicopters are also used for transportation of animals, crops and spraying operations, etc. Harvesting equipment includes: Bean harvesters, combine harvesters, conveyor belts, corn harvesters, cotton pickers and other farm equipment. Farmers need equipment cleaned, as well as barns, stables and coops. This gives great opportunity for the pressure washer businessman. Pressure washers effectively clean; soil cultivators, manure spreaders, combine harvesters, conveyor belts, planters, stalk shredders, balers, pickers and silage harvesters, grain handling and trailers, fertilizer and manure spreaders, telehandlers, and even hay equipment.


Pressure washers are also used to clean silos containing grain or wheat. It is very important to clean silos between fills to prevent and kill pests. Tractors or any other farm equipment should be pressure washed without much delay or mud, silt, and other substances may harden. This residue can also corrode farm equipment.

By putting information in the hands of prospective clients you can generate business in the agricultural sector. In April flooding happens in the upper Midwest, farmers will be looking for a rust preventative coating to apply after drying and cleaning a machine. Being ready to respond to the climatic conditions as well as to support the needs for planting or spraying or harvesting means being ready to provide an excellent pressure washer for removing silt from a machine or a truck bed that was submerged.

Since it is nearly impossible to make a living on a small farm today, you see more large corporations or farm cooperatives in communities. The bigger they are the higher the potential for large concentrations of livestock with barns that need cleaning, huge investments in farm equipment that needs to be maintained, and business opportunities for commercial power washing contractors. Farmers can be tough customers, but they are also loyal to good contractors. Farmers need to operate their businesses under extremely cost conscious circumstances. They are hardworking and they expect you will be as well. If you are dependable; work hard to deliver quality service; arrive on time; and complete jobs quickly, efficiently and within budget; you will build their trust and your business.


Cleaning both buildings and equipment on farms means the busiest times are after the harvest in late fall. During the mid to late summer when the combines may be harvesting 24/7 you may be called out to clean dust and fodder that gets trapped in tight areas and radiators. This becomes a potential fire hazard when bearings and other moving parts get hot. Considering there is a vegetative buffer to absorb wastewater and not a lot of grease or other petroleum based contaminants involved, water reclamation is generally not required.

Power washing barns for livestock can provide a steady stream of income. When the floor is slated or grated the manure is washed down into a septic pit. Barns are emptied of livestock while pressure washing so no special considerations are needed to protect the animals. Because barns are located well away from the main home and farmstead area, the noise and exhaust emissions will not affect other livestock. You will need a good size power washer and a turbo nozzle, trailer mounted units are good for this application as well.

Cold pressure washers are appropriate for applications where grease and oil are not a factor to consider. Steam pressure washers and hot pressure washers are ideal for deep and fast cleaning as hot water pressure dramatically increases cleaning power making cleaning easy and more effective, especially on grease, oils or petrochemicals, mud build up, sludge slots, and mire blemishes. Rubber tires and plastic parts of machines need to be cleaned as they may contain fats, fatty acids and stearic acid from animals.

Industrial and commercial pressure washers are designed and built to higher ratings in order to withstand long hours of operation under exacting conditions. Because farming applications include pressure washing animal enclosures and equipment. Choose the right kind of pressure washer according to the type of cleaning job you need to get done and the size of the agriculture establishment.

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