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Gas Burners & Controls



Gas-fired burners can use either natural gas or liquefied propane gas as a fuel. The composition of gas fuels, which possess fewer carbon molecules than fuel oils, makes gas burners cleaner burning than oil burners. Gas-fired equipment gives the best service in heavy-duty hot water cleaning applications where long periods of continuous cleaner usage are called for. (more…)

Boiler Controls



The Boiler Control Circuit

Burner controls are generally wired in series to the solenoid valve on the fuel pump or to the gas valve on the gas-fired equipment. One electrical supply leg runs from the burner switch through each of the safety devices to the solenoid valve. Any safety or control device on this leg can break the circuit. The other electrical supply leg can break the circuit. (more…)

Hose Reel Basics


Hose reels are more than just an option in the pressure washing business. A 50, 100 or 200 foot or longer hose just left piled in a heap is dangerous, counterproductive and unprofessional. A hose reel is the simple solution. (more…)

Drive Systems



Driving The Pump

Pumps may be driven directly by an electric motor or gas engine, or Inflatable obstacle course Canada connected to a motor or engine by a gearbox or by a belt and pulley system. There is a trend in the industry toward direct drive mountings due to their economy and simplicity. (more…)

Coil Service




Scale Removal

Running an acid solution through the coil is a solution for scale buildup developed in the early days of steam cleaning. Since water in a steam cleaner is heated to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and Inflatable water slide Costco beyond, impurities precipitate out faster, and scale can be more of a problem than in a hot water high pressure cleaner. (more…)

Internal Combustion Engines

Introduction To Gasoline Engine Care and Maintenance


Proper care of a cleaner’s gasoline engine can go a long way to keeping it in continuous operation with minimal downtime. One-or two-cylinder, general purpose internal combustion engines areInflatable fun widely used to power portable high pressure cleaners. (more…)

The Electric Motor

Introduction To Electric Motors


Electric motors power the majority of hot water pressure Inflatable bouncers Costco cleaners in service today. Many electric motors suitable for use in high pressure cleaning are available. Unsuitable motors, however, are often used. The most suitable motors are totally enclosed or washdown duty motors especially designed for use in damp environments. (more…)

Agricultural Opportunities For Power Washing

Pressure washing on the farm.


Pressure washers are ideal for cleaning most types of farm equipment, barns, wheel tractors, sprayers, seeders, reapers, trucks, plows, compactors, hay equipment, grain drying and milk drawing equipment. (more…)

Unloader Valves

Rebuilding The Flow-Actuated Unloader Valve


The K-5 and K-7 designs are typical of flow unloaders. A number of manufacturers make unloaders of this type including Suttner, Giant, Cat and others. This unloader type can be rebuilt using a vise and minimal tools. Care should be taken to not scratch or damage the unloader during rebuilding. Special care should be taken to not damage internal surfaces and parts. (more…)

Cleaning System Maintenance


The Equipment Check
The Comprehensive Equipment Check is a step-by-step procedure for determining if a cleaning system is in proper working order. This check goes through the cleaner’s major systems helping to detect maintenance needs and potential service problems. The equipment check should be performed monthly or after any period of particularly heavy usage, especially if the equipment was used in a harsh or hostile environment. (more…)