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Soap Nozzles



The chemical injector tip, also known as the soap nozzle, is the pressure washer nozzle that is used when applying any form of chemical onto the surface that runs through your washer. (more…)

Pressure Hoses And Fittings


The High Pressure Hose

High pressure or steam hose carries the water flow from the pump to the unloader valve and onward to the trigger gun or lance. Hose used to handle fluid under pressure is made up of three components: a tube to contain the fluid, reinforcement to help the tube contain high internal pressure and an outer cover to protect the reinforcement. (more…)

Trigger Gun Control & The Unloader


Controlling Flow from the Cleaning System

The trigger gun and unloader valve are the two main components of the most common control and safety system for high pressure cleaning equipment. (more…)

Spray Nozzles


The Spray Nozzle In Action

The spray nozzle is an important component of the high pressure cleaner in that it is the point at which the cleaner interfaces directly with the work being accomplished. Because of its importance, it is critical that the right nozzle of the correct sizes be used and that the nozzle be properly cared for. (more…)


Marketing Your Power Washing Service

Common Fittings

Most fittings used in the industry are made of brass, but other materials ranging from steel to pvc may be used for fittings. The pressure and temperature handled by the fitting gives you an indication of what type of fitting can be used in a specific installation. (more…)

Tips on Pressure Washers

Tips on Pressure Washers

Weather a professional pressure washer, car detailer, farmer or homeowner you know the benefits of owning a powerful pressure washer, and how they can save you time and energy on cleaning most any surface. Commercial quality pressure washers will last 5-10 times longer than any homeowner type. By spending a little more up front you can save thousands in the long run. (more…)

The High Pressure & Turbo Nozzles


Every pressure washer needs high pressure nozzles

Every pressure washer needs high pressure nozzles. Spray nozzles are important in obtaining maximum efficiency from your pressure washer. A restrictive orifice or hole at the end of the wand squeezes water to increase velocity and consequently, impact. The smaller the opening of this hole, the higher the pressure rating. (more…)

Pressure Washer Maintenance

Cleaning and examining your pressure washer on schedule will save you time and money.

Cleaning and examining both your pressure washer and the accessories you use with it, before and after each use, will help you avoid problems with performance, and will save you money on parts and repairs. Refer to your owner manual for special guidelines that are appropriate to your pressure washer’s make and model. O-rings keep the spray wand and hose connections tight and leak free, while screen (or high pressure) filters help prevent debris from clogging hoses and damaging the water pump. Through normal operation of the pressure washer these parts can become clogged, worn, or damaged so they should be cleaned or replaced before the unit is operated. (more…)